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No doubt we live in exciting times! The world is changing at a rapid pace but do not worry, we are ready to help you and your organization with the digital and mental transformation.

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Fearless Leaeders

Everything we’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear. With this gang company I aim to nurture today’s and tomorrow’s leaders, managers and entrepreneurs

Shapoor  Jabarkhail

Shapoor Jabarkhail

Executive director

Shapoor Jabarkhail is a Procurement professional with more than 10 years of progressive work experience, working in different capacity among others  with World bank funded projects. He has outstanding procurement and working experience with different organisations and people of various cultures

He loves being involved with social activities and is keen to learn new ideas and implement them with in the business environment.

Mr Jabarkhail has an undergraduate degree in Economics and holds a masters degree in Finance.  in 2021 he achieved a Certificate degree in Innovation and Technology Management from the prestigious Ecole des Ponts business school in Paris.

Expertise : Procurement & contract management  

Yama Saraj

Yama Saraj

Creative energy guy

Yama Saraj a rebel without a cause, always questioning authority and status quo.  Although his study field has been in Economics and Strategic management, he loves to work at the intersection of Art & Technology as he himself states. His passion has been to mobilize civil society and facilitate them bringing social and system change. Realizing the poverty trap and lack of capacity among many social organisations, he decided to study corporate strategy and learn from the industry. In his endeavour, he ran into many social movements among others the open source/ hackers/ makers movement.  Fascinated by the potential of tech & design to be leverage with business model innovation he dedicated himself to educate and serve the young & unruly, the future leaders & entrepreneurs of society.  His passion is to teach and be taught and forever stay young.

Expertise: Strategy & Policy on disruptive innovation

Creative brain behind Yamza Agency.