What is Included VC and why was it created

Included VC is the first of its kind fellowship globally, created to dramatically increase diversity within VC, transforming staff, deal flow, and investments – to create effective multi-generational change. To level the playing field in one of the most old-school industries in the world. When Included VC launched last year, it attracted over 1400 applications from 92 countries. Through a blind application process, 30 fellows were selected.

Who is it supported by?
It has been built and supported by some of Europe’s well known VC organizations including:

Notion Capital, Point Nine Capital, European Investment Fund, Creandum, Seedcamp, Daphni, Enern, Mangrove Capital, K Fund, Wilson Sonsini & Santander Innoventures.


The fellowship: deal flow simulation

There are many over 15 components to the fellowship which include: foundational learning and knowledge, mentoring, executive coaching, physical European retreats, Included X, and much more. One of the most crucial and interesting components of the fellowship is the Dealflow Investment Committee simulations – they encourage and allow the fellows to connect with really interesting founders and startups, providing us the opportunity to explore and understand the arch of an investor. As a part of this, we discover really interesting companies, create investment memos and as part of a group deliberate and feedback to one other. These ICs also further allow us to undertake extensive analytical research into various industries and business models.


Who are the fellows

Our inaugural cohort of Included VC comprises of refugees, Immigrants, PhDs, some with no degrees, political activists, art curators, all big-thinkers. We’re also from all walks of life: 60% women, 50%+ as black, Asian or mixed or other, 10% neurally diverse, with 16 nationalities from 14 cities.

What can we do for you?

If you’d like, and/or find it helpful, happy to compile and send over a one-pager after the ICs, and present any interesting thoughts, comments & insights that were put forward by the group.

Who will have access to the deck?

For learning purposes, the decks may be accessed by all the fellows and potentially the investors from all the organizations mentioned above. If you feel that there is any sensitive information in the deck, please feel free to modify the slide.

Next steps if you’d like for your company & deck to be a part of the Included VC Deal Flow Investment Committee simulations, please proceed with the form below.