Current initiatives

I’m continuously involved in diverse and synergistic projects in my professional journey. Balancing roles across SensAi Technologies’ mental health initiatives and strategic consultancy for startups, each project embodies my commitment to innovation and social impact. This section showcases these dynamic projects, each contributing uniquely to a more interconnected and forward-thinking world

Entrepreneur in Residence at Maastricht University

As an Entrepreneur in Residence at Maastricht University, I nurture the entrepreneurial ecosystem, enhance academic-industry collaborations, and leverage my expertise in tech and mental health for educational innovation.

TERN London (The Refugee Entrepreneurial Network ) in London

I am supporting TERN by designing an incubation program with a venture studio to foster founders with refugee experiences.

CEO SensAi Technologies in Paris

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Work portfolio

This section highlights the diverse range of impactful activities I’ve been involved with.

Lecturer R&D

ESLSCA Business School 2019 – Oct 2021

At Paris ESLSCA Business School, my role as a Lecturer in R&D extended beyond teaching to also developing curricula. I focused on educating students about corporate R&D processes and innovation management, shaping a comprehensive understanding of how these elements drive business success and technological advancement.

HR Consultant

Mad Emergent Art Center is a social lab and a platform for social innovation. We bring designers, technologists, and creative thinkers together with events such as hackatons and projects with a social mission.

Business Developer at an R&D Company

As a Business Developer for Vention Technologies, an emerging R&D company with 20 engineers, I was responsible for crafting and implementing the business development strategy and various marketing campaigns. This role was pivotal in driving change management and fostering a mindset shift towards entrepreneurship within the company.

Hack Global Goals
Organizing Hackathons around the SDG’s
Capacity Building Project Afghanistan
Researching entrepreneurship and private sector development
event coordinator RVO
supporting Dutch trade mission in Paris at Viva Tech
keynote speaker
Global Sports Week
Organizing various Seminars and workshops
Sustainability leadership for ESSEC MBA
Event organiser
Dutch Trade mission at Station F
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